Auxo Technologies provides a range of services to its customers which are as follows:

Project & Feasibility Reports for TV Stations

We will help and assist in submitting project and feasibility reports required in ministry for application of new channel.

News Gathering and Content Distribution

We distributes a myriad of content types such as current events, breaking news, service/product quality reviews, event coverage and much more.

Television Uplinking & Downlinking Services

Uplinking facility both in SCPC & MCPC platforms on ASAISAT & INSAT series of satellites as well as downlinking of channels in India who are intending to show their content in India.

Studio Design and Integration Services

System design which includes concept design, layouts , technical furniture design, Audio Video schematics, wiring etc.

Channel Creative Design & Brand Packaging (Look and feel of channel)

  • Channel branding strategy
  • Template graphics & all in-show graphics
  • Election and budget graphics
  • Channel logo & channel identity
  • Business & finance graphics
  • Promos, teasers, bumpers and stings

Channel Automation and Integration Design

Channel Automation suite is a complete end-to-end solution for the production of news - from ingest to playback. Planning , production, distribution and archiving; each story, complete with associated multimedia elements and metadata, can be managed and tracked through every step of the workflow.

Human Resource Consulting

We can help you recruit qualified and specialist permanent and temporary staff to manage your projects and business. We have an extensive database of professionals in the media & Entertainment industry.

Our Services also includes:


Meeting with clients and discuss opportunity and assist with ideas and concepts into actual plans, including technical requirements and budgets.

Project Management

Auxo Technologies provide a complete project management service, including project planning, requirements analysis of all project phases including system design, installation, testing and commissioning, and management of system support and maintenance.

System Design

Auxo Technologies perform a complete system design starting with a concept design, including floor layouts, rack layouts, technical furniture design, schematics, wiring etc.


We work with the builders, and the architect to obtain a "clean site" with cable runs, power, earth, air-conditioning and any other services required for our system. Auxo Technologies install racks, equipment and manage the site.

Testing and

At project completion, the commissioning process is performed with the customer’s engineering staff & management to obtain signoffs.


We provide 24/7 engineering support to our clients. Auxo Technologies provides on-site maintenance service for all hardware products supplied. Our proactive approach to support lends itself to sharing revenues from support contract.