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Digital Hologram Showcase

Digital hologram showcase is one of its type and a powerful way of displaying your product. It can be used anywhere in the facility, lounge areas, exhibitions, events to make your product/presentation look more attractive. Powered with Microsoft technology, along with the hardware and software of MindSpirit, Digital hologram showcase enhances the augmented reality experience to make your product come alive. It is an ideal solution to be used for both indoor and outdoor setups.

Auxo Technologies grabs the advantage of providing this unique solution, which can be used for establishing interactivity between the showcase and its viewers. It gives you an edge over any other solution, thereby letting your viewers interact with virtual objects as we do in the real world. This gives real fun-filled experience to the users.

Solution Features

  • Creates a mesmerizing and eye-catching view of your product
  • Ideal solution to be displayed in exhibitions and events
  • Made of high-quality holographic glass material
  • Available in 1800/2700/3600 view with one/three/four side 3D display
  • Customizable in different sizes
  • Supports USB host 2.0 hotplug

Auditoriums & Seminar Halls

Having multi-purpose auditoriums and seminar halls is what is trending up these days. An auditorium with well-equipped audio-video solutions, comfortable seating, pleasing and attractive décor, perfect lighting and sound controls is being appreciated world over. A well-equipped auditorium encourages communication to be more effective and impactful.

We excel in providing modern auditorium equipment, such as projection display, sound reinforcement, acoustic treatment, lighting, and peripheral connectivity. We prefer using the top brands, such as Sony, Panasonic and more to fit into your setup.

Our technical partners and experienced team help you to build well-furnished and technologically empowered auditoriums at your facility.

Solution Features

  • Rich set of modern AV equipment to fit in your facility and budget
  • A top-class solution to establish effective communication between the audience and presenter
  • Acoustic solution for with voice modulation controls for effective interaction
  • Provisioning for right lighting controls
  • Wireless projection display for hassle-free sessions

Boardrooms/Conference Rooms

A boardroom is a place where thoughts come to take shape with team discussions and ideas. It’s a place where the members of any organization take important decisions and therefore, this space demands a lot of privacy to maintain confidentiality. It’s an added advantage for any organization when a boardroom is well-equipped with the latest technology solutions that are available in the market.

Auxo Technologies provides the best in class solutions to have a fully functional boardroom that will give you the full privacy to create and execute your business proposals. You can have a soundproof environment to have meetings with your clients to grab important deals with a lot of confidentiality.

Solution Features

  • HD projection systems/display solutions for screen projection, demonstrating graphs, images, and other visual aids on screen
  • High quality speakers and sound enriching systems to achieve communication clarity
  • Lightening solution to match different lightening settings
  • Wireless presentation and microphone systems

Video Conferencing Solutions

Today in the advanced world of the digital era, where teams are spread across different geographies, the Video conferencing techniques have helped to bridge the gap and bring all the teams to collaborate and operate efficiently. Not only corporates but students these days are in different geographies and this is where the need for audio-visual solution arises. Video conferencing allows individuals to have real-time, face-to-face interactions amongst students, teams, and customers.

Auxo Technologies is the most experienced market leader in providing the latest and enterprise-class audio-visual solutions. Our collaboration with leading brands for Video Conferencing like PeopleLink, Sony, Panasonic helps in bringing the right solutions to our customers.

Solution features

  • High end session recording and streaming solutions
  • HD video conferencing systems for picture clarity
  • Wireless microphones for sound transmission
  • Data sharing facilities for sharing files
  • Intuitive touch control panels for ease of control

Digital Classrooms

Auxo Technologies is focused on providing digital classroom services and meet the requirements of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. We collaborate and work with well-known educational establishments and corporates to understand their requirements to create a classroom environment that makes learning fun-filled and engaging.

We, with our technical experts, work to provide you the best digital solutions with proper sound, display, and lighting solutions and can customize our existing packages, as per your needs to have the best-in-class teaching environment.

Solution Features

  • Installation of interactive projectors, whiteboard, desktops and laptops
  • Designing and planning of the digital classroom
  • Consultation for the lighting needs and classroom automation
  • Provision for document camera to present any kind of material, such as books, images, 3-D objects instantly and easily with best quality output
  • Solutions for wireless presentations where with just a click of button, you can share your content to be displayed to large audiences

Interactive Writing Solutions

Interactive writing solutions focus on getting connected with your audience electronically. The requirement here is to have a fully equipped writing solution that engages your students to get the best out of the digitized learning.

Auxo Technologies help to install the latest technology in writing solutions that focus not only on having a whiteboard but provides options to control your laptop from the board for slide presentations, import applications or interpret anything and save it for reference. We provide portable interactive writing solutions that strike the perfect balance between an instructor’s ideas to a learner’s learning capabilities.

Solution features

  • USBs for connectivity
  • Digital boards in different sizes and colors
  • Interactive writing, keyboard and mouse pads
  • Erasable ink markers

Digital Podiums

Digital Podiums are one of the most effective and pioneering classroom equipment being adapted by various premium educational institutions and corporates. To beat the industry paradigms and place ourselves on the top of the list, we offer solutions like Digital Podiums to transform classroom learning into a perplexing yet inquisitive session.

Solution Features

  • Touch monitor with VGA splitter to connect multiple displays devices
  • Provision for mikes and amplifiers for public addressing
  • Provision for VGA, HDMI, USB, Audio Ethernet and Power connectivity

Lounge or Recreational Rooms

Lounges or recreational rooms are the chill-out zones for students and employees where they would like to relax, while at work. The lighting, audio-video systems, sound systems and ambiance of such places should provide a pleasing experience to the employees. Therefore, it is important that these places are equipped with the right audio-video technologies.

We, at Auxo Technologies, work with a highly proficient and expert team and collaborate with different market leaders to understand your needs for designing flexible and attractive leisure spaces.

Solution features

  • Professional sound systems as per the room acoustics
  • Background music systems
  • Wireless microphones and wall mounted/ceiling speakers
  • Information display devices for entertainment
  • Lighting systems for varied lighting scenarios
  • Handling of cabling needs to give the area a more professional look
  • Setting up network devices for Wi-Fi access

Video Walls

Video walls these days is a major revolution in the industry to deliver your commercial message quickly and smartly to a wide range of audience. Get your message right there and engage your audience with a wide range of digitized and artistic Video walls.

Auxo Technologies provides you all kinds of visualization solutions with a variety of professional displays and controllers from top manufacturers in the industry to brighten up your working arenas. We have an experienced team to understand your requirements and help you choose and install large and artistic video walls at your facility. We provide video wall solutions to be installed in Control Rooms, Reception / Lobby, Boardrooms, Auditoriums / Convention Centers.

Solution Features

  • Uncompromised accuracy and brightness
  • Crystal clear picture quality
  • Powerful viewing experience
  • Durable and reliable designs to maintain consistency in content delivery

Digital Signage

Auxo Technologies offers end to end digital signage solutions that prove as an effective way to inform and communicate across the organization. We understand your needs and with the collaboration with the industry’s leading brands, we offer you solutions for the outstanding viewing experience, quality, and superior durability.

In the digital era driven by the visual impact, it becomes important to stand out of the crowd to express your ideas to the target audiences. Our signage solutions help institutions to deliver a variety of dynamic information using audio, video, still, or moving images to their target audience.

Solution features

  • An electronic, digitized, user-friendly display system
  • Images and visual driven solution to present beneficial information at an eye-catching position
  • Connect with people to deliver important messages, enouncements, and promotions
  • Effective way to centrally monitor and efficient distribution of content over network

Home and Office Automation Solutions

Another flourishing aspect these days is the concept of smart homes and offices, where everything is digitized and controlled centrally. Auxo Technologies leaves no stone unturned when it comes to converting your work and living space to a smarter one.

We, with our technology partners, and the team of experts, provide you all the required automation solutions to make your work simpler. We provide solutions to move from data cables to wi-fi networks, wireless lighting control, automated temperature control systems, sensors to control your household equipment, to ease up your tasks.

Solution Features

  • Automatic wireless lightning control system
  • Centrally managed LED/LCD displays and sound systems
  • Equipment control and monitor systems, such as geyser control
  • Automatic roller blinds/shade management
  • Gadgets for office and home surveillance like CCTVs

Media Studios

Over the years, with our varied experience, Auxo Technologies has built up an unparallel reputation for designing and providing AV solutions for radio and TV studios. We supply the best product to fit in your setup that can connect your event with the audience.

We provide solutions for designing world-class media studios to distribute and stream live or on-demand content to audiences. We have an expert team that specializes in setting up production & virtual Studios, newsrooms, non-linear editing set-ups, community radio stations & photo studio along with control room facility.

Solution features

  • High quality, broadcast ready, camera displays
  • Sound recording and mixing solutions
  • Video recording solutions supporting the latest media formats
  • Audio-video switchers, graphics generators for studio and control rooms
  • Complete lighting and sound setup
  • Connectors and cables to club all the pieces of setup together
  • Digital archival solutions

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